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Warmyou Industry:Self-Heating products

Warmyou Industry specialized in manufacturing self-heating products such as the heating pad, pain patch, heat pack and warm eye masks. Warmyou has its own brands while also do OEM/ODM for customers from worldwide.

A leader in the self-heating industry
Founded in 2009, Warmyou is one of the first enterprises in the self-heating industry. As one of the founder of self-heating industry in China,Warmyou witnessed the development of the industry.

Warmyou developed the Chinese heat patch and steam eye mask market. Our products include various types of heat patches (or heat pack, hot pack, heating pad, hot pads). These adhesive heat pads could be attached to skin or portable. The warm patch can serve as pain patch or pain relief patches for different body part such as the neck, back or belly.

These disposable heat packs/ warm patch help to relieve back pain, muscle pain, stiff neck or menstrual cramp.

The steam eye mask is another featured product of our company. The heated sinus mask or eye sheet mask can serve as “sleep eye mask” or “dry eye mask” to soothe tired dry eyes.

warm eye mask sleep heat pad heating patch

Advanced technology
With our advanced laboratory, we own the important “ultra-thin” technology among other 13patents.  The patent enables us to be the ONLY Chinese Enterprise which able to produce ultra-thin self-heating products.

With enormous investment in Research, we have acquired various medical certificates: CE(Europe), FDA(U.S.), CFDA(China).

Strict quality control
Warmyou owns two factories. Our factories are based in Shanghai, China. We use high-quality machines from Japan. The management team had previous management experience in German Factory and thus applies the German management style to our factory. To ensure the best quality of our heating pad (or hot pads) and warm mask( or heat mask), we are strictly implementing ISO9001, ISO13485 Quality Management System.


A high market share and high-productivity
As a founder of the Chinese self-heating industry and with our high-quality products, Warmyou occupies a high market share in both heating pad (pack/patches) and warm mask(or heat mask). Especially for the steam mask ( or heated eye mask), we have a share of 70% in the Chinese market. Accordingly, we also have a high productivity to ensure the supply to our customers.

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