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What is the heating principle of the warm foot paste?

The heating principle of warm foot paste:
The reaction principle is to convert chemical energy into heat energy by oxidation-reduction reaction. In order to keep the temperature longer, the product uses mineral material vermiculite to keep the temperature, and the more important factor is the slow entry of oxygen, so the material of the loading bags is very special, consisting of the raw material layer, the gelatin layer, the permeable membrane and the non-woven cloth bag. And a layer of the permeable membrane is attached to the non-woven fabrics. There is also a conventional airtight outer bag, commonly known as the plastic bag. When you use it, tear the outer bag, expose the inner bag (non-woven cloth bag) in the air, and then the oxygen in the air will enter through the permeable membrane. The heating time and temperature are controlled by the oxygen permeation rate of the permeable membrane. If the oxygen intake is too much, the reaction will be quick, the heat will be released at once, and it may burn the skin. If oxygen transmission is too slow, the reaction will be slower and produce less heat. After use, it becomes a russet solid, which contains carbon dust, NaCl solids, Fe3O4 solids, and salts.

It is similar to the hot compress of traditional Chinese medicine, pasting it to the relevant acupuncture points of the feet can generate concentrated heat. This product is physically heated therefore has no toxicity and side effects on the human body.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. In many western countries, the foot is regarded as the second heart of the human body. According to the theory of biological holography, the feet have a large number of reflexes, including all the information about the health of various organs of the human body. There is an old saying that "When your feet are warm and the whole body will feel warm". Through the nerve reflex, the body's environment can be regulated, stabilized and balanced. To motivate the potential self-defense ability of the human body and improve body immunity, so as to achieve the effect of health care.

The cheap foot warmer of Warm Friend with an ultra-thin design is very convenient, affixed to the front foot of the bottom of the socks, it will not affect walking or cycling. It is safe, persistent and effective.

After opening the vacuum wrap, peel the release paper and paste it on the soles of the foot.

You should not do strenuous exercises after you paste warm feet paste, such as running,because strenuous exercise can make a lot of circulation of air in your shoes. Warm feet paste will be rapidly oxidized, the temperature will be higher than the prescribed temperature, so it is easy to cause burns.
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