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Foot Warmers and Heated socks

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Foot Warmers and Heated socks

Heated socks & Foot Warmers & Toe Warmers
Heated socks or foot warmers are necessary for places with the frozen weather. The heated socks and foot warmers are a great help especially for those who need to be outside during the extreme weather.

heated socks toe warmers foot feet warmers
Warmyou heated products on foot could last for 10 hours. These heat products are simple but effective products to keep your feet warm and avoid frostbite or cold injury.

Thermal feet warmers

Warmyou heated Socks are non-electric socks. The reusable cotton Socks could be attached with disposable Foot Warmers or Toe Warmers.
foot toe warmers heated socksfoot feet toe warmers heated socks for bed
Name:   Foot/Toe Warmers & Heated socks
Max temp:40 °C / 104°F
Duration time: 10 hours or longer.
Packing: 2 ea in 1 pack
MOQ:  50,000/pcs

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