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Product Self Description Of Warmyou'S Hot Steam Eye Mask

Dry eye and eye fatigue are one of the most common eye diseases. Generally, dry eyes are mainly due to long stares at the computer screen, resulting in poor eyelid closure, a decrease in the number of blinks, and a long stay in a hot and hot environment except for some organic lesions. After suffering from dry eyes, the eyes often feel dry, tired, poor eyesight, myopia, foreign bodies, itching, photophobia, and even headache and irritability. 

The main structure of our hot steam eye mask is a non-woven fabric, heating body and plant essence extract. The main components of the heat generator are iron powder, vermiculite, activated carbon, inorganic salt, superabsorbent resin, and self-healing material or even mixture of water.

The hot steam eye mask is extracted from pure plant essence. It has no side effects through physical heating. But for cataract and other pathological changes, it is not recommended. Children and pregnant women are not available. As long as primary school pupils do not eat products, they can use it (preferably with adult guardianship), and pregnant women are high-risk groups that can't be used for anything. Warmyou industry makes long-term brands, so they do not take risks. Pregnant women are forbidden to use them. 

Many customers find their eyes red, swollen and even more obscure after using it. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. There is no need to panic. Because sleep late, stay up late, and excessive eye, it will cause eye meridian blockage. In the process of the hot compress, the heat passes to every position around the eye. The hot steam eye mask promotes the circulation of the eye blood, the blood is not smooth, and the capillaries are swollen (the eyes are swollen). Continuous use of eye mask will improve your eye meridian clogging problem. But if someone gets dizzy once at a time, This is a very different case. He is also advised to stop using it, and no product can be adapted to anyone. 

Steam from the hot steam eye mask is a superabsorbent molecule in the inner membrane of the eye mask, so water vapor is coming out of the eye mask. You don't have to worry about your skin moisture being evaporated. 

In this era of overuse the Internet, "hot steam eye mask" is the necessary eye protection device for everyone every day.

Eyes are the head of facial features, the eyes are people's heart windows, eyes are the largest and most tired organs of human movement. Now, our eye use is more than 5 times than 3 years ago. In the next 3 years, China's eye hospital will be crowded. The Internet age is an era of wealth. Protecting your eyes is more important than earning wealth.
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