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Use Warmyou Pain Relief Patch to Relieve Pain in Neck, Shoulder, Waist and Leg

A. Cervical spondylosis
The main cause of cervical spondylosis, basically is the bad posture. Long-term strain of cervical vertebra, bone hyperplasia and intervertebral disc herniation, thickening ligament, the cervical spinal cord, nerve root or vertebral artery pressure appear a series of clinical comprehensive disease of dysfunction.

Severe compression to the nerve of the cervical spondylosis will cause insufficient blood supply to the head, leading to dizziness, dizziness, headache, insomnia, memory loss. And cervical spondylosis can feel the fingertip is numb obviously, namely finger is numb. Also the cervical vertebra pains, neck muscle fullness, acid on both sides of the cervical spondylosis sticking method is to stick the da-zhui acupuncture point + the shoulder on both sides of the well hole, if the da-zhui higher than a big bag, cervical spondylosis years for a long time, can be posted directly.

2. Periarthritis of shoulder
Scapulohumeral periarthritis is a common disease with pain of shoulder joint and inconveniences of movement as main symptoms, which is mainly manifested as acerbity and weakness of arm or inability to lift and bend.

Shoulder periarthritis of early stage shows paroxysmal pain of shoulder joint, often caused by weather change and fatigue and induce, later develop gradually for durative pain, and gradually aggravate, day light night heavy.

Periarthritis of shoulder more in manual workers, not timely treatment may affect the function of shoulder joint activities, and shoulder joint will have broad tenderness, and to the neck and elbows radiation, may also occur deltoid muscle atrophy. Periarthritis of shoulder sticking method is to put Jianjin Point+ days of acupuncture point +Jianyu Point. Customer can paste the point where pains and add pain points, which is located before and after the arms and the front of the arm. If the front arm area is large, you can put more pieces.

3. Waist problem
Lumbar disc is one of the more common disorders, mainly because of lumbar parts (nucleus pulposus, the annulus fibrosus and cartilage plate), especially have different degree of organization of degenerative change of nucleus pulposus, under the effect of external force, the intervertebral disc bulgin, from rupture of nucleus pulposus or out, in the rear or spinal canal, lead to adjacent spinal nerve root stimulation and oppression, to produce the waist pain, on one side of the lower limbs or double lower limbs numbness, pain and other symptoms.

It is mainly caused by trauma, occupation, abnormal waist posture, sudden aggravation, pregnancy, increased abdominal pressure and other reasons. The waist problem mostly caused by his bad habit for a long time, and occupational disease cause, most of the intervertebral disc after twenty years old and begins to degenerative change period, namely bone degradation, lack of nutrient transport blood, intervertebral disc can appear to wear away, rupture, bulging, and so on a series of problems.

The acupoint sticking method of lumbar vertebra problem is sticking the heating pad for back and neck pain to the vital point or pain point + left and right sides of bladder meridian
If it is sciatica caused by lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, it will generally cause radiation leg pain, which requires extensive sticking. Acupoint sticking method can stick chengfu acupoint + weizhong acupoint + chengshan acupoint + taixi, also can add around jump acupoint.

All the above problems, Warmyou skin patches for pain relief can help you.
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