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Does Menstrual Cramp Relief Patch Really Help?

Chinese medicine believes that the thermal and far infrared radiation stimulation at the point of Qihai, Guanyuan can dredge the meridian, dispelling wind to dissipate cold, promoting blood circulation, promoting uterine contraction. The clinical trial applied the menstrual cramp relief patch to patients, attached to the outer side of the undernavel three inches of underwear, 1 patch per day for 3 days. Compared with non-users, the use of  best heat patches for pain combined with Buxue Yimu granule after abortion can promote menstruation to return to normal (after 1 month) and reduce dysmenorrhea; after cesarean section or after delivery, Warm uterus paste can accelerate the blood circulation and tissue repair and growth, accelerate uterine recovery, promote the excretion of lochia; it also has the fuction of maintaining the normal blood circulation and enhancing immunity.

After the use of heat aid patches, the time of lactation is early, the amount of lactation is more, the effective rate of lactation is high, and the success rate of breast-feeding is improved. It can make the abdomen warm and comfortable, relieve the postoperative pain, reduce the adverse effect of post-operative stress reaction on lactation, and thus be more favorable to the regulation of hypothalamus-pituitary-target gland axis which promotes the secretion of serum prolactin, and be beneficial to lactation. In addition, painless women are more willing to breast-feed, sucking reflex also stimulates lactation and contractions, promoting breastfeeding.

Menstrual cramp relief patch (also called Tongjing paste) has the function of warming the meridians, supplementing the fire and helping the yang, dispersing the coldnss and relieving the pain, having a high affinity with the biological molecules in the acupoints of the human body, producing an energy shock to the Shenque acupoint, and responding through the biological spectrum resonance. The positive energy of medicinal materials is continuously injected into the body through meridians and directly transformed into human yang Chi.
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