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Five Ways To Relieve Menstrual Cramp

For a fetus, the uterus is his house, so there's a big difference between being in a warm house and being in a cold house. Everyone knows the feeling of living in a cold room frequently. It is very uncomfortable. If you ususally live in a warm and sunny place, you will feel healthy and happy.But in real life, almost all women have the symptoms of menstrual cramp, such as cold hands and feet, backache, and irregular menstruation. There are many causes, such as heredity, eating cold food in a regular basis, often being angry and so on. Uterine cold can affect fertility, so, how can we warm the uterus and improve fertility?

1. For the diet, eat more warm food.
For example: red beans, longan, black beans, black dates and other food can warm the uterus, you can eat more such food in daily life to warm the uterus.

2. Always soak your feet and warm your whole body.
As the saying goes, cold rises from the foot. As feet have a variety of points of the human body, and have thin fat, it is vulnerable to feel cold, which will easily goes through the meridians to the various parts of the body, affect the body health. In spring, foot bath can drive the coldness out. You had better have foot bath all year round.This daily commitment can have unexpected effects on the body.

3.When feeling cold or menstruation cramp, a menstrual cramp relief patch can help.
A menstrual cramp relief patch is a more convenient artifact in life, but it can only be used for emergency. It plays the role of harmonizing Chi and blood, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis when a person feels cold,

4. Drink some warm water or ginger tea before a meal. It is best to drink a small cup of ginger tea before a meal, which can relieve the cold stomach, and also can help alleviate the harm caused by cold food to the stomach and body, and slow down the harm caused by cold air to the uterus.

5. Remember to drive out the coldness after you get cold.
You may be wet after a rain or snow. So remember to do some warm soup or ginger tea to push the body chill out after getting back home. It can not completely works, but still have certain effect.

In addition, women like beauty, but it is not recommanded to wear bare midriff usually or wear little when cold. Now there are a lot of young people like show their foot neck, this will increase the body coldness thus do harm to fertility.
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