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What Kind Of Experience Is It Like That Wear Warmyou's Cheap Foot Warmers?

In the past few weeks, the southern part of the world has experienced a terrible freezing weather, and the temperature in the North has also reached its lowest level. 
In such a cold weather, garments and warm pants cannot change the cold hands and feet, the state of sleep and all sorts of uneasiness. 

As a result, Warmyou's cheap foot warmers appear.

From a star's point of view, this must be a convenient and invisible warmth retention product.

It must be a product with a high-cost performance from the daily use. 

Why do you want to use cheap foot warmers?
As an old saying goes, the disease rises from the cold, and the cold is born from the foot. The foot is called the second heart of the human body. The sole of the foot is covered with more than 60 acupoints and almost controls all internal organs of the body. 

And the cold and moisture of the long-term invasion of the body are more influential, afraid of the cold fear of wind, cold hands, and feet, poor physique easily sick, easy fatigue, easy to fire, irritability, pale face, pale lips, aging, palace cold, infertility and so on. Therefore, it is particularly important to do a good job for dispelling dampness and keeping warm in the foot.

The heating core layer of Warmyou's cheap foot warmers is made up of activated carbon powder, iron powder, and wormwood essential oil. It can be heated in one second and the constant temperature is about 43 degrees and lasts for 12 hours in a case of no toxicity and no radiation after air oxidation. It was 14.6℃ before use and 43℃ after use.

After heating, wormwood essential oil which has adopted last 30 years will double the effect of dispelling dampness, dispersing cold and detoxifying. For men with foot odor, they can relieve fatigue and promote metabolism. From then on, say goodbye to the annoyance of the peculiar smell. For women, there are nourishing yin and dispelling cold, regulating uterine cold and dysmenorrhea. In addition, the outer layer made of high quality medical non-woven fabrics and so on. 0.5cm ultra thin features make it comfortable to wear. And fold in five hundred times still cannot be deformed and not dehiscence.

Whether you go out to work, do outdoor work or read and study, these black technology "insoles" can give you the warmest feeling in the winter. You can enjoy yourself in the snow even in the cold winter.
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