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Neck/Shoulder Pain Relief Patch

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Neck/Shoulder Pain Relief Patch

Heat patch for shoulder & neck
Heat patches are used for warming up body parts.

This type of Warmyou heat patch is designed for shoulder pain relief and neck pain relief.

shoulder pain relief patch

Frequent use of Computer and lack of sport stiffens one's body and might cause muscle pain in shoulders and necks. The Warmyou heat patches can relieve the pain with its heat.

In comparison with a traditional electric / microwave heating pad or hot pads, the disposable Warmyou heat pack ( patch) is more convenient to use. One just needs to open the pouch and the hot patch start to be warm in a few minutes.
"Ultra-thin" is another special feature of this pain patch. Unlike traditional heat wrap, this heat pack / heat patch applies the patent developed by Warmyou. Instead of containing powder in the patch, this Warmyou heat wrap for shoulder/ neck contains a heating sheet,
Which makes heat patches lighter than traditional heat wraps.

Details of the shoulder / neck heat patch:

NAME: Air-Activated Heat Patch for Shoulder & Neck  Pain Therapy
SIZE:180 x 85 mm
Ave Temperature:44℃ / 111 °F
Max temperature:46℃ / 115 °F
WEIGHT: 15-18g
HEAT DURATION: 2 to 4 hours
Packing: 1 ea / pouch, 5 ea / box
MOQ:  50,000/pcs
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