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The Worst Enemy Of Cold Hands And Feet, If You Use One You Will Feel Warm

The weather began to get cold. As the temperature dropped, many people felt cold, and their hands and feet were especially cold.
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the cold hands and feet are due to qi stagnation and blood stasis, with Yang deficiency and lack of firepower. Qi and blood can not normally reach the extremities of the extremities. Most people with cold hands and feet also have the cold womb and stomach cold. 

“Plain question, Yangming pulse thirtieth”, “ four branches, all Yang’s foundation.” Yang Sheng is four solid, but it can be high. The "Ben" of the book of the sun refers to the meaning of the symbol, that is to say, the extremities are the symbol of the deficiency of the Yang Qi. Yang Sheng is limbs solid, that is, the hands and feet are warm and powerful. If it is Yang deficiency, it will be "fear cold and limbs are not warm". 

Deficiency of Yang Qi
The cold hands and feet are directly related to Yang Qi in traditional Chinese medicine. The body is the balance of Yin blood and Yang Qi, which is healthy in the balance of Yin and Yang, but if one side falls, people will have adverse reactions.

The influence of the cold weather or the cooling of the body causes the liver veins to be cold and the hematopoietic function of the liver are affected, resulting in insufficient kidney yang, cold limbs, red or white hands and feet, and even pain.

Yang deficiency and blood deficiency
Chinese medicine believes that the cold hands and feet are mostly damaged by Yang Qi, Yang deficiency, blood deficiency and internal cold. Many women neglect to keep warm in the winter in order to be beautiful. They stay in the air conditioning room in the summer, the cold air invades the body. These can cause damage to the Yang Qi. Many women lose weight blindly and adopt a way to eat less or not. You know that food is a very important source of heat for your body. If you lose weight too much and go too hungry, it will lead to Yang deficiency. There will be cold hands and feet.

Heart failure
If the heart is weak, the blood cannot be supplied to the end of the body. Blood in the body is not enough, heme and red blood cells are low. Obstruction in the blood vessels or fever, cold and so on will affect the brain's central nervous system, causing cold hands and feet. The sympathetic nervous function has the problem, which makes muscles cold and unable to contract and generate heat energy to withstand cold.  

Vascular disorder
Cold hands and feet have a great relationship with the blood vessels of the heart. Once the function of the cardiovascular system appears to be obstructed, the ability of blood vessel contraction and blood reflux will weaken. The hand and foot, especially the blood circulation of the fingertips, will affect the blood transportation and cause the cold hands and feet. The ability of blood vessel contraction and blood reflux will be weakened, and the blood circulation of hand and foot, especially the fingertip, is not smooth. That is what people often say that poor peripheral circulation.

Hormonal changes
Many complex physiological activities in the body are related to hormones, which we can not see. Women account for the overwhelming majority of people with symptoms of cool hands and feet. This is a hormone change that affects the nervous system, resulting in hypodermic vasoconstriction and blood flow reduction. At last, it causes cold symptoms. 

The harm of cold hands and feet
Cold hands and feet often accompany women with scanty periods, irregular menstruation, and even infertility. In the menstrual period, pregnancy and childbirth and other special physiological periods, women more likely to cause cold hands and feet due to body deficiency.

If not prevented in time, it will lead to mental illness, physical chills, and cold hands and feet, which may cause frostbite in winter. In addition, it is related to rheumatic disease, stomach disease, and other diseases.

So how to handle the cold hands and feet?
Folium Artemisiae Argyi is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine with partial temperature. The leaves of Artemisia Argyi contain more fiber and less moisture, but also contain many flammable organic compounds. It can penetrate the skin to the bone. Moxibustion belongs to the Yang, with the moxibustion fire. Using the cauterization of the acupoints on the body surface, with the help of the mild heat of the moxibustion fire and the function of the medicine and the function of acupoints, the effect of warm and blood circulation, through the meridians, and to dispel the evil, can be used to treat the diseases and health care purposes. Chinese medicine holds that feet are the "second heart" of the human body. Many meridians of the human body are concentrated in the sole of the foot and are closely related to the viscera, organs, and organs of the body. Therefore, the body's viscera has a corresponding projection on the foot, connecting the 12 meridians of the body Zang Fu, of which 6 originate from the foot. The foot is the beginning of three yins, and it is the end of the three yangs. There are more than 60 acupoints distributed on both feet.

According to the principle of "cold head", the foot has heavier Yin and it is the part that afraid of the cold most. Moxibustion at Zusanli and Yongquan points frequently is an important way to keep warm. As long as the feet are warm, the whole body is warm and comfortable without fear of cold. This will not only help prevent diseases but also improve sleep quality. 

Cheap foot warmers can be operated by themselves, it is flexible and convenient. 

Cheap foot warmers completely inherit all the advantages of traditional moxibustion, and it avoids most of the shortcomings of traditional moxibustion. It is a kind of physiotherapy which is very suitable for the health of modern society. It can be directly attached to the point, directly to the pain point. Moreover, it can be used in the daytime and evening. It is very convenient. It does not delay work. Simple treatment saves time and the effect is still high.

The black plaster inside the cheap foot warmers has regular stimulation points with the heating body and moxibustion. The effective ingredients are constantly permeated through the breathing of the skin to the body. The warm heat conduction of moxibustion therapy can play a powerful role in activating blood and warm up, adjusting the whole body and blood meridians, and can avoid the recurrence of various health problems due to the deficiency of the Yang Qi. 
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