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Introduction And Advantage of Menstrual Cramp Relief Patch

Menstrual cramp relief patch is a postpartum care product specially designed for women, which uses the hot compress physical therapy to achieve the effect of women warm the palace. It has the function of invigorating the blood circulation and removing blood stasis, tempering pain, harmonizing qi and blood, treating inflammation, maintaining ovaries, promoting uterine contraction, and comprehensively regulating the female reproductive system.

First, for the puerpera, it prevents the outside coldness, especially one month postpartum and speeds up the lochia excretion, protects the puerpera to pass the sitting month period safely;

Second, for the women after the miscarriage, it helps the uterus and blood vessels to return to normal contractions as soon as possible after giving birth, thus promoting the uterine rejuvenation;

Third, treatment of menstrual cycle pain in women.

The dvantage of Menstrual Cramp Relief Patch

1. Menstrual cramps patch is the combination and innovation of TCM theory of external treatment and modern biotechnology. Through the synergistic effect of acupoint physical warmth and far-infrared physiotherapy, the warm paste can prevent postpartum progesterone and promote postpartum body recovery, which can help to reduce stretch marks and reduce postpartum chloasma.

2. The heating starts in about 5 minutes and the far-infrared radiation with a wavelength of 5 ~ 15um is emitted. The normal emission rate is as high as 0.85. 30 minutes can alleviate postpartum abdominal pain, continuous fever more than 12 hours.

3. It is convenient to use, and the product can heat up by itself. It is as light as silk, and can be attached to the outer side of women's underwear.

4. The product formula of menstrual cramp relief patch is reasonable, mature and effective. The product is safe from skin contact.

The action of Menstrual Cramp Relief Patch

Menstrual cramp relief patch is based on external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine theory and meridian transmission principle of treatment, the acupoints moxibustion combined far-infrared thermal therapy and physical therapy through Qihai Point to far-infrared warm ironing moxibustion, which improves meridians and blood as well as the activation function of uterine activity, and promotes blood vessels and normal uterine contraction, speeds up the uterus tissue repair, eliminates stretch marks. It also helps to speed up the discharge of postpartum lochia, enhance immunity, prevent postpartum abdominal pain. At the same time, by fighting against various bacteria on the uterus, it can warm the uterus, harmonize function of Chi and blood, effectively prevent and treat the puerperal fever. The remarkable characteristics of far infrared thermotherapy can accelerate the metabolism of blood circulation and body microcirculation system, balance hormone secretion, and eliminate the postpartum facial chloasma.
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