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Warm Feet Will Warm The Whole Body - Warmyou's Winter Cheap Foot Warmers All-New On The Market

As the saying goes, "cold from feet", especially when the temperature is low in winter. People's blood circulation is reduced, and the hands and feet are cold because of poor blood supply in winter. 

According to the theory of biological holography, the foot has a lot of reflection areas, including all information about the health of human organs. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that "warm feet will warm the whole body". Through the role of nerve reflex, the environment in the body can be regulated, stabilized and balanced. To mobilize the potential self-defense ability of the human body and improve body immunity, so as to achieve the effect of health care. So warming feet is the top priority for winter warming.

And the majority of workers will stay at the office all day and has little time to move or go out. In this way, the feet that are not warm are more cold, which affect the work efficiency and affect their health.

Shanghai Shenbao newly launched Warmyou's cheap foot warmers. This product is made of high-quality electrolytic iron powder, with fast heating speed, stable temperature control, long heating time, and novel and unique packaging. It is the first choice for warm feet in winter.

High-quality raw materials:
Warmyou's cheap foot warmers with electrolytic iron powder, iron powder purity, heavy metal dissolution rate are low, and ordinary iron powder (impure iron powder) will be unstable, the temperature is unstable, and the time is short. 

Heating speed: 
The new Warmyou's cheap foot warmers have a fast heating speed and can easily reach 40 degrees in about 15 minutes, greatly increasing user experience. 
The long duration of evenly heating.

As for the aspect of temperature control, a large number of experimental data show that the new warm Warmyou’s cheap foot warmers can be around 40 degrees C, continuous heating over 1200 minutes, more than 8 hours in the same industry, stability and heat time are higher than other brands in the industry.

All the materials of the new Warmyou's cheap foot warmers are independently developed, with independent intellectual property rights, good ventilation control, uniform speed, stability, and balance. Each link is linked together to ensure that every Levi's cheap foot warmers is attentive.
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