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Does Menstrual Cramp Relief Patch Have Side Effects? Recommendation of Menstrual Cramp Relief Patch

Many women have the problem of the cold uterus which is generally related to clothing, diet and rest. And now the menstrual cramp relief patch for women greatly helps. Many people are in use. And does menstrual cramp relief patch have side effects?

It has no side effect. The reaction principle of warm paste is to use the primary cell to speed up the oxidation reaction and convert the chemical energy into heat energy. To keep the temperature longer, the product uses mineral vermiculite for insulation. Because the product does not react before use, and the bag material should be very special, consisting of raw material layer, gelatin layer and non-woven bag. The non-woven bag is made of microporous air permeable film. It also has to have a regular outer bag-gelatin layer. When use, remove the outer bag and expose the inner bag (non-woven bag) to the air. Oxygen in the air enters through the permeable membrane. Exothermic time and temperature Degree is controlled by the oxygen permeation rate of the permeable membrane. If the oxygen permeates too quickly, the heat will be released at once and the skin may be scalded. If the oxygen permeability is too slow, there will be no warmth. After use, it is dark brown solid, which contains carbon powder, NaCl solid, Fe2O3 and magnesium and aluminum salts, so it has no side effects.

Recommendation of menstrual cramp relief patch
Hot pads for menstrual cramps, infusion warmer and physiotherapy patch from Warmyou have obtained the certification of the brand name issued by the Food and Drug Administration. A new invention patent, is a flake heating agent, which will be like a piece of paper. When pasted on the body, its heating temperature is more gentle. The flake patch is made up of raw material layer, gelatin layer, non-woven bag three parts. The feedstock layer is a polymer synthesized from iron, stone, activated carbon, inorganic salt, water and so on, which can produce exothermic reaction in air. The non-woven bag is characterized by uniform non-leakage and good air permeability. The gelatin layer is made of high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive coating made from Japan.
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