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How to use Warmyou's hot steam eye mask

Warmyou's hot steam eye mask can alleviate eye fatigue. Wherever you are, you can enjoy the feeling of the SPA as long as you wear it when you are resting. People think highly of Warmyou's hot steam eye mask. It is especially suitable for students who have great pressure to study and officer lady. You can also use it in long-distance transportation or travel. It can relieve fatigue and have magical effects on black eye protection and eyesight, and it also helps improve insomnia.

Product introduction:
Warmyou's hot steam eye mask is a product that releases about 40 degrees of hot steam from the eye mask to relax the muscles around the eyes and relieve eye fatigue. 

The new "hot steam eye mask" is a good product for modern people who frequently use personal computers to work and are in a variety of stressful situations. People who often have a headache, can't sleep, or just want to be quiet can try it before taking drugs to help sleep. People can use it if they are a headache, can't sleep well or office lady.

Don't use it if there is an injury, swelling, or eczema in the eyes. 

Please close your eyes when using it. Don't use it with the eye mask of skin care products. Please use it after a while if you use eye drops. 

But it can be used directly after finishing the eye cream, it will promote the absorption of eye cream.

Common problem:
Why is the temperature not high?

Because this product is suitable for sensitive eyes, the temperature of the mask itself will not be very high. Some people wear an eye mask are not tight enough, the eye mask and the eyelid space is relatively large, the temperature of the mask will become low. Please make sure that it is tight enough after using it. Don’t move, or there will be a larger gap. 

Is the effect obvious?
This can only be said to be different from people, any product cannot guarantee the obvious effect to all people. Please purchase this point rationally, and we will never exaggerate the use effect of the product.
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