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Warmyou Pain Relief Patch, Professional Pain Relief Patch!

Application: the best heat patches for pain is suitable for all kinds of pain caused by waist pain, muscle pain, joint pain, tenosynovitis, shoulder pain and rheumatism. It can last 24 hours, relieve the pain caused by muscle strain and work, and quickly recover to the best condition. It is very suitable for elders and people who love sports.

This is a good received hand ointment! 200% rate of second glance! stick where you pain!

The drug has strong permeability and lasts longer. It can effectively relieve various pain and inflammation caused by muscle strain and work and quickly recover to the best state.
Strong analgesia, promote the circulation of the blood, quick relief of stiffness muscle soreness.

Sealing infiltration: the cloth effectively locks the pharmacology, penetrates deeply, plays the lasting analgesia effect.

Easy to tear and paste: easy to stick to neck, shoulder and other joint parts, easy to use.

More effective than analgesic ointment: adhesive bandage contains active ingredients,
providing better, more lasting analgesic effect, less volatile. 1 paste every day, lasting and effective relief of joint pain, muscle soreness and other problems.

Applies: deformation rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, waist pain, muscle pain, joint pain, tenosynovitis, shoulder pain, contusions, fractures pain, brawn pain brawn fatigue, between the waist dish outstanding, cervical spine ache. Infiltration from the skin, from the inflammatory prostaglandin biosynthesis, resist inflammation with swelling and pain relief. Use in relieving inflammation and analgesia of swelling and pain of trauma. The skin patches for pain relief is a true universal plaster.
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