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Fragrance Free Steam Eye Mask

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Fragrance Free Steam Eye Mask

Fragrance-free Steam Eye Mask
Warmyou Fragrance-free steam eye mask is specially designed for users sensitive to fragrance.


If you prefer a fragrance-free steam eye mask or you are allergic to essential oil, this type of steam eye mask is best for you!

Warmyou (fragrance-free) steam warming eye mask can be used for relieving tired and dry eyes after long hours in front of the screen.  You could use it during the coffee break or noon break to soothe your tired and dry eyes when you are in your office.

You may also use it when you are traveling for a long distance. The steam eye mask can help you to fall in sleep.

Another possible way to use the fragrance-free mask is to apply your own personal beauty products around your eyes first and then wear the eye mask.  The steam from the mask could relax your skin and open your pores. This will make your skin easier to absorb the nutrients you need.

Caution: Some beauty products may not be used with heat, please consult your beauty consultant or other professionals before you use it in this way.

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