Shanghai Warmyou Industry Co., Ltd.

Ultra-thin Heat Patches

Warmyou Ultra-thin Heat Patches are heat patches containing ultra-thin heating sheet.

Compare to traditional heating products, ultra-thin patches have the following benefits:

1. Pain relief hot patch: undiscernible

Traditionally, heat patches contain carbon and iron powder and start to produce warmth after exposed to air. However, Warmyou have developed its own technology and compresses the powder onto a sheet. This technology turns traditional heat patches into ultra-thin heat patch and enables the ultra-thin products to be more undiscernible when wearing them.

2. Thermal care patch: stable temperature and evenly distributed heat

Compared with traditional heat patches, Warmyou ultra-thin heat patch has a more stable temperature. Besides, with all iron and carbon powder be compressed on a sheet, ultra-thin heat patch has evenly distributed heat.

Warmyou mainly has 2 ultra-thin products:

  • Neck/Shoulder Pain Relief Patch

    Heat patch for shoulder & neckHeat patches are used for warming up body parts. This type of Warmyou heat patch is designed for shoulder pain relief and neck pain relief. Frequent use of Computer a...

  • Menstrual Cramp Relief Patch

    Menstrual Cramp pain relief heat Therapy Heat patches are sometime necessary for ladies who are experiencing periodical pain. This Menstrual pain patch is designed to relieve the periodical pain. Adva...

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