Shanghai Warmyou Industry Co., Ltd.

OEM (private label)& ODM

Shanghai Warmyou could adapt our heat patches upon your request.

OEM & ODM is doable for all heat patches (Back pain patches, knee pain patches, foot warmers, hand warmers etc.) and steam eye masks.
With OEM/ODM, you can design the color, shape, and temperature of the product.

1.Color & Design:
You may choose to print your design on the Box, pouch or on the fabric of the product.
Printing Cost: (Private Label; OEM)
Printing charge of Coloured Pouch: US$ 80.00 per colour (one-off payment)

Coloured Pouch Private Label OEM

Printing charge of Fabric: US$350.00 per colour (one-off payment)

the fabric of the product 1 the fabric of the product 2 the fabric of the product 3 the fabric of the product 4
the fabric of the product 5 the fabric of the product 6 the fabric of the product 7 the fabric of the product 8

2.The shape of the product:
You could also design the shape of your products.
Here are some examples of our heat patches (heating pad) and steam eye mask.

Shape of the product

We could also change the temperature of the heating pad( heat patches) upon your request.

MOQ: 50,000 pcs
The MOQ of OEM is mainly because a printing factory can only print 50,000 pouches & packages at each time.
Thus it is also viable to have the MOQ less than 50,000 pcs on condition that the fee of pouches & packages is paid.

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