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What Is The Principle And Function Of The Warmyou's New Hot Steam Eye Mask?

Warmyou's hot steam eye mask suit
Efficacy: relieving discomfort symptoms such as eyesight fatigue, dry eye, astringent and itching. Clear eye trash and Clear clear eyesight. It leaves your eyes bright, radiant and refreshing and it will protect your vision. 

Adapt to the crowd:
Suitable for students, people who usually use computers and mobile phones, drivers, middle-aged and elderly. 

[Adolescent myopia] Prevent false myopia, control the increase in myopia, and adjusting the normal physiological functions of both eyes. 

[People who are addicted in computer and mobile phone] Remove eye fatigue, dry eyes, eye pain, dark circles, eye bags, and keep your eyes moist.

[Driver] Relieves eye fatigue and improves physiology of both eyes.

[Middle-aged and elderly people] Prevention of presbyopia, cataracts.

[People who have eye disease] Such as weeping in the wind, eye swelling, itching, glaucoma, vitreous turbidity, spotted vision and cataracts. It will recuperate the normal function of the eyes.

[Warmyou's hot steam eye mask --- principle and function] There are no such cases as cataracts, glaucoma, and fundus lesions in Chinese medicine. These are all Western medical claims. In Chinese medicine, the term for eye disease is: the eye cloud. All eye diseases are caused by obstruction of meridians and blood vessels. The basic understanding of Chinese medicine for eye diseases is that blood circulation and meridian obstruction.

The main role of the Warmyou's hot steam eye mask: warming meridians and promoting the blood circulation. This is the biggest effect of our eyes. 
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