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Warmyou's Hot Steam Eye Mask - Your Eye Guard

People say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and we know the colorful world through it. It is the most direct "navigation system" of the human body, so the body can identify and control the direction of walking. However, many people lead to the decline and failure of this system due to various causes. This caused great physical and mental pain to the patient. People with eyesight may not feel how bright the sun is and how happy they are. However, if one day you can no longer use your eyes to observe the world, how would you feel?

Because the frequency of our eyes is too high, in recent years, the prevalence of myopia in primary school students has reached more than 50%, the number of junior high school students has reached more than 60%, the high school students have reached more than 70%, and the university has reached more than 80%. Over the past decade, due to the development of technology and the application of electronic products, the incidence of eye diseases has increased exponentially every year. Now let's talk about how to protect our eyes.

Warmyou's hot steam eye mask uses advanced self-heating temperature control technology. Open the package, after the eye mask is in contact with the air, it will gradually release steam of about 40℃. it can quickly relieve eye fatigue, moisturize and moisturize, reduce fine lines, reduce black circles and eye bags, and help protect delicate skin of the eyes. It can not only protect your eyes, but also can improve health because of the essence of this product.

It is suitable for people who use mobile phones, surfing the Internet, reading, learning and so on for a long time. It can be used after continuous driving, fatigue or rest.

Open the bag, take out the hot steam eye mask, tear open the middle dotted line, and hang it on both ears. It is recommended to use 20-30 minutes.

1.Patients with eye diseases should be used under the guidance of a doctor.
2.This product can not be used with contact lenses and eye drops.
3.If you feel overheated, eyes redness or discomfort during use, please stop using it.
4.Do not place in direct sunlight, high temperature and children's easy access.
5.This product is a one-time use product, it will be heated when disassembled. So please do not reuse it.
6.Use with eye cream to facilitate eye cream absorption.

Eye problems cannot be solved overnight. It is necessary to insist on using and continuous use. It is possible to experience the effect slowly.
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