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Which Of The Two Is Better? Hot Steam Eye Mask Or Eye Paste?

The difference between the two:
1.Ingredients: eye paste: non-woven fabrics, water, and other extracts. Hot steam eye mask: non-woven fabrics and heating tablets.

2.The feeling of use: eye paste: it is similar to the mask, mostly it will add a mint extract to feel cool. Hot steam eye mask: it's very hot. After heating the film, it will produce hot gas when it contacts with air. When it is pasted, there will be water vapor on the skin of the heating site. Of course, eye paste can also be applied after heating.

3.The convenience of use: eye paste: there is an emulsion. Just like using a facial mask, you should paste it one after another. Hot steam eye mask: just open it and wear it like a pair of glasses. It is convenient, and it will not fall after falling asleep.

Hot steam eye mask: It is the use of advanced self-heating temperature control technology, so that the moisture in the air and iron powder make a chemical reaction, forming a heating body, producing warm water steam that we can't see. It is a generic name product developed for the needs of the eye care market. It becomes famous after it can spontaneously generate heat and generate steam.

Effect: Promote blood circulation of the eye, relieve eye fatigue, relax eye skin, add sleep, protect vision, supplement moisture, reduce water loss, desalination eye wrinkles, desalination black eye, desalination eye bag and delay eye aging. People who have eye fatigue and eye problems also can use it.

Paraphrase: Eye paste: It is a thin film similar to a band-aid created to cure certain diseases of the eye or to solve the problem of eye skin. There is non-woven fabric soaked in pure Chinese medicine ingredients. It can be applied to the orbital area so that the drugs can be absorbed through the eyes and it can improve eye diseases. Generally, it is divided into the treatment of eye paste and cosmetic eye paste.

Eye paste: Through the strong penetration of the eye skin, the target effect and the focus of the fundus, it can absorb and adjust the balance of eye Qi-blood, improve the blood circulation of the eye, complete supplement of eye nutrition, improve the immune and antioxidant capacity of the eye, promote the metabolism of eye tissue, and improve the circulation of the eyes to regulate the optic nerve. It can eliminate asthenopia, improve and improve eyesight effectively. It can relieve eye fatigue and eliminate juvenile myopia.
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