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Paste a Patch and Feel Comfortable

It has become a normal life that we spend 24 hours without leaving our mobile phones
When working we face the computer, after work we play with the mobile phone, as soon as go home we stay on the sofa for 3-4 hours. Once get up to stretch, we find the arm is numb, shoulder and neck and back pain. We feel the whole body is stiff!
Do you know how much pressure your neck is under? Did you know they were already secretly morphing?

The primary symptom of cervical spondylosis is that the shoulders are heavy, and the shoulders are painful. The neck is stiff and stiff, painful and dizzy.
Look in the mirror, almost everyone has a neck forward problem, when we looked at the computer/mobile phone, 2.5 cm neck every move forward, the pressure of the cervical spine increases 4 kilograms, do a "probe" posture, the neck under the weight of the direct 24 kg!

One problem is that it doesn't look beautiful. Over time you will also face: chronic muscle strain, disc herniation, squeezing, tension headaches, vital capacity is reduced, affect cardiovascular health, blood circulation slow, impacting the supply of the blood...
As the saying goes: general clauses pain, with error posture for a long time use of waist, neck and shoulder, will let the blood wall in these parts, body feedback signal is pain, carry arm pain, neck pain, bent down to pain...

In order to reduce pain, the most important thing is to clear the blood stasis and let the blood flow in the pain area.

Warmyou heating pad for back and neck pain is worth the name of an omnipotent stick which can be placed where you pain. The skin patches for pain relief is the salvation of the people who sit for a long time and bow the head. It hurts? That's it!

The biggest role of the Warmyou is to comfortable channels. We all know "sedentary will injury to lumbar cervical", when we keep a posture for a long time, it can lead to neck lactic acid accumulation, meridian impassability, Chi and blood circulation, Warmyou pain relief patch is used to help your blood circulation.
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