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Method To Relieve Cold in Uterus: Menstrual Cramp Relief Patch, Moxa-Moxibustion, Food Therapy

Many people say that the dark or purple lips are the embodiment of the cold in the uterus, is it really so?

1. Look at the lips
Lips are an important measure of a person's physical condition. According to a doctor's judgment, if a woman's lip has long been dry and desquamated and appears dark or purple, or has acne marks around the mouth, she possibly has cold in uterus. Special attention should be paid to it.

2. Pay attention to the menstrual period: Menoxenia (menstrual pain patch)
The lower abdomen has the feeling of falling and expanding, with the increase of leucorrhea, acid or pain lumbar, distended pain breast and other phenomena. A few people have nausea reaction; abdominal pains, lower abdomen feels cold, the menstrual color is black and has blood clots.  Sometimes you may feel pain when the abdominal is cold. Also the menstrual period sometimes comes in a disorder with light-colored and little blood and the person looks in poor spirit, and usually suffers aching lumbus and limp legs, urinates more, sexual desire declines, tongue light fur white, pulse weight.

3. Watch out for the physical condition
Symptoms of cold in uterus are being fat, accompanied by shortness of breath, insomnia and dreams, little menstruation, no ovulation. In order to maintain its physiological function, fat acts as a "uterus protector", and the colder the uterus is, the more it needs to accumulate fat, thus causing it to become fat.

4. Look at the skin condition
Cold in uterus is the enemy of female. Many women feels worried because of chloasma, black eye ring, but they do not know the reason, so they always like to use a few freckles and product of black eye ring,which often is to cure a symptom not to cure the root cause. After a period of time, it will relapse. In fact, this is all about cold in uterus. Because it easily leads to Chi and blood congealed, in the face is chloasma, black eye circle. To eliminate these face problems,you should warm the uterus, and the effect will be greatly surprised.

5. Look at the complexion
Lumbar acid, bad complexion. Many 30 years old women always feel waist and knee sore, skin color withered, always sigh youth passed, beauty faded. In fact, the root of this scourge is cold in uterus.
  • Moxibustion for acupoints: Guan yuan, Qi Hai, Zusanli, and Sanyinjiao points.
  • Guanyuan: Guanyuan, belonging to Ren meridian. Located in the lower abdomen, the front middle line is 3 inches below the umbilicus. Tonifying kidney and warm Yang.
  • Qihai: Qihai, belongs to Ren meridian. Located in the lower abdomen, the front median line, when the middle of the navel 1.5 inches. It benefits the coke, replenish the vitality, go Qi scattered stagnation.
  • Zusanli: Zusanli acupoint is one of the main acupoints of foot Yangming stomach Meridian. It is located on the outer side of the calf and 3 inches under the calf nose. It is mainly used to treat gastroenteropathy, lower extremity impotence, psychosis, surgical diseases, and asthenia.
  • Sanyinjiao: Sanyinjiao is one of the acupoints frequently used by the spleen of Zutaiyin and the intersection point of the three meridians of foot and three yin (liver, spleen, kidney). 3 inch above the tip of the medial ankle of foot, behind the medial margin of tibia. Moxibustion can regulate liver spleen kidney three meridians Chi and blood treatment of endocrine disorders prevention and treatment of modern civilization diseases (hypertension diabetes coronary heart disease etc.) effect is remarkable.

Lycium barbarum, red bean, Guiyuan red bean jujube soup and Chinese yam chop soup does good to relieve cold in uterus.

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