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Heat therapy

Cold therapy

How does it work?

Heat circulates the blood near the affected body parts. The oxygen and nutrition carried by the blood help to accelerate the healing process and relieve pain.

Cold causes the blood vessels to constrict and thereby to slow the blood circulation upon the request of the healing process.

How to apply?

Usually, heat needs to be applied to affected body parts where pain could be felt. Besides, heat can also be applied to areas before exercise to warm up where the old injures occurred. However, heat should be avoided right after the injury.

Cold can be applied to the injured part within 72 hours after the injury occurred.

Treatment should be continued until all swelling is reduced (within 72 hours).

When to use?

1. Stiff necks and shoulders

2. Another form of muscle stiffness

3. Muscular back pain

1. Strain after injury

2. Acute muscle pain

Muscular and back pain during Pregnancy
Treatment: Cold therapy and heat therapy
If your doctor agrees, you could apply heat and cold to your back. At first, cold patch or compress ( or cooling pad) can be applied to the painful part 20minutes for several times per day. After 3 days, you can switch to heat therapy. However, heat should not be applied the abdomen during pregnancy.
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