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Steam Eye Mask

Steam Eye Mask for Sleep & Eye Mask for Relax
Steam sleep eye mask from Warmyou is also called steam mask, heat mask, warming eye mask or warm mask. Similar to heated sinus mask, the Warmyou heated eye mask produces warm steam to eyes. The heated steam is like a  SPA for your eyes. The moisture produced by the warming eye mask could help users in many ways.

Benefits ofWarmEyemask
1.Eye mask helps to sleep:
The heated eye mask can serve as an overnight mask. It helps people to relax tired eyes and helps users to sleep better and quicker in the night.
2.The fragrance such as lavender and jasmine on the soothing eye mask helps users to relax.
3.Dry eyes: the heated eye mask with steam can help the users to release their dry eyes.

Dry eyes are very common among modern white collars, especially those who use a computer or look at screens very frequently. Heated warm steam is a medically provable method from modern science to cure or soothe dry eyes. Thus the moisture produced by Warmyou hot eye mask can help to relax one’s tired dry eyes. The duration of the mask is around 20minutes, which is a proved effective way to soothe and alleviate dry eyes.

Products From Warmyou
  • Fragrance Free Steam Eye Mask

    Unscented Steam Eye MaskWarmyou unscented steam eye mask is specially designed for users sensitive to scent. If you prefer a flavorless steam eye mask or you are allergic to essential oil, this type o...

  • Lavender Steam Eye Mask

    Lavender Steam eye mask / Warm eye maskWarmyou steam eye mask (or warm eye mask) is an eye mask with beauty and soothing effect and can also be used for relax. The Warmyou Lavender steam eye mask is s...

  • Jasmine Steam Eye Mask

    Jasmine Steam eye mask / Warm eye maskWarmyou steam eye mask (or warm eye mask) is an eye mask with beauty and soothing effect and can also be used for relax. The Warmyou Jasmine steam eye mask is sce...

How and when to Use
Simply open the pouch and the eye mask starts to produce heat in 5 minutes. 
1.Eye mask before sleep: One can wear the eye mask before sleep. The warming eye mask can serve as an overnight mask. 
2.At working break: The hot eye mask can help you relax dry eyes at work.

Different types of Eye masks and their history
1.Eye mask for sleep: Originally, the eye mask is mainly used for people sensitive to light to sleep well. The mask is without any additive feature.
2.After the sleep eye mask, Hot and cold eye masks are invented.
Cooling eye masks and heating eye masks have different features. Though cooling eye masks or Gel eye mask are more widely used, warm eye mask also has many benefits.
3.Warm Eye mask: Microwave and Electric

The first generation of eye heating pad or heated sinus mask is Microwave eye mask and electric eye mask. However, these two types are not very convenient especially for those who are traveling. Users need to either find either a microwave or a socket. And the temperature of the heated eye mask is not very stable and controllable when using the microwave to heat them. This could sometimes be dangerous especially for sensitive body parts such as eyes.

4.Disposable warm eye mask for sleep and relax

This type of eye mask is the newest warm eye mask. This disposable warm mask is more convenient than the microwave heated eye mask.

The eye sheet mask could produce heat with its air-activated heating sheet and works without external heaters. The Kao Group from Japan is the first company produces this type of eye mask for sleeping. After the Kao eye mask or MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask, Shanghai Warmyou Co., Ltd. also develops its own Steam Eye Mask. Shanghai Warmyou owns the patent 2012100812147, which is important for the steam eye mask. The heating sheet in the eye mask produces durable and stable heat.


The cloth of the Warmyou warm steam (sleeping) mask is also designed to fit the contour of one's ear and was made easy to wear.

With the patents and features, Warmyou hot eye mask becomes an influential and competitive brand in eye sheet mask.

cooling-eye-mask-sleep-warm-heat-hot-pack-japanHere is the feature of Warmyou's Steam (sleep) Eye mask
NAME: Steam(Sleep) Eye Mask
Fragrance: Fragrance-free/ Lavender/ Jasmine
SIZE: 182 x 80 mm
Ave Temperature:44℃ / 111°F
Max temperature:46℃ / 115 °F
HEAT Duration: Up to 20 mins
Packing: 1 ea in 1 pack
MOQ: 50,000 /pcs

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