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Do You Still Suffer Shoulder And Neck Ache? Warmyou Pain Relief Patch Very Useful!

With the rapid development, mobile phones and computers have become one of our indispensable "partners". Especially the office workers, facing computer and mobile phone for a long time, the shoulder neck and waist has reached a certain degree of fatigue. There is even cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc protrusion precursors.

Long time of keeping the same posture caused by neck lactic acid accumulation, meridian, Chi and blood circulation. Slight symptom is the ache of neck, severe symptom is migraine, more serious is that with nausea and vomiting, which is one of the sub-health disease that should not be ignored.

If the blood circulation in the shoulder and neck of the human body is not smooth, or problems occur in the neck and shoulder, sub-health problems will also occur in the brain, spine and arms.

Over time, pain in the knee, elbow, and lumbar vertebrae, as well as in the feet, is a common problem in many older people. As their children, we see in the eyes, pain in the heart!

This time, Shanghai shenbao launched the Warmyou neck and shoulder hot pad applicable to the above-mentioned trouble of office workers, housewives, the elderly and other people's percutaneous drug release patch.

The heating pad for back and neck pain  is mainly used for relieving muscle pain, muscle fatigue, backache, sprain, joint pain, bruise, sprain, wring, etc., it is an OTC(over-the-counter) topical analgesic patch.
Its principle is to stick it in the body after the affected place, the medicine that releases on the patch diffuses through the cuticle layer of the skin, dermis, be absorbed by capillaries finally, reach the affected place directly.

1. Easy to tear and paste: easy to attach to the neck, shoulder and other joints, easy to use.
2. Sealing infiltration: sticking the cloth close to the affected area, effectively locking the medicine force, penetrate deeply, and exert a lasting analgesic effect.
3. The application of this medicine is more effective than painkiller paste: it contains more effective pharmaceutical ingredients, and provides better and more lasting analgesic effect. The medicine is not volatile.

Whether for elderly person at home, a sedentary office worker, or a sports enthusiast, a small piece is convenience to carry. It is actually necessity for home and travel.
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