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Back Pain Relief Patch

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Back Pain Relief Patch

Heating Pad / Heat Patch for Back
Warmyou Heat patch is a pain relief patch. It is also called hot pads or heat wrap.

Muscle pain or muscle stiffness on the back is a very regular among people with different age groups. There are various causes of muscle stiffness, e.g. polymyalgia rheumatica, lack of sport, poor diet, improper sleep or work position etc.

To ameliorate the situation, heat or warm therapy is a feasible method to relieve the pain.

Warmyou heat pack produces heat for 10 hours and is an effective remedy for your back pain.

With the experience for a decade in manufacturing the heat pack/ pain patch, and have acquired the FDA, CE, and CFDA medical certificate, Warmyou ensure the best quality of our hot pack / heating pad to relieve your pain and improve your life.

Features of the back pain relief heating pad

NAME: Air-Activated  Heat Patch for Back  Pain Therapy
SIZE:180 x 85 mm
Ave Temperature:44℃ / 111 °F
Max temperature:46℃ / 115 °F
WEIGHT: 45 g
Packing: 1 ea in 1 pack
MOQ:  50,000/pcs

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