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Eye Protection Products - Lavender Steam Eye Mask

Do you know your eye skin?

1.Most vulnerable
10000 times a day, eye and eye movements are the fastest muscle groups. Frequent pull can make fragile eye skin easier to form muscle damage. To protect the vulnerable eye, you need repair at the base level.

2.Easiest to dry
Eye skin does not contain sebaceous glands. Therefore, the eye's moisturizing power, internal circulation power, and absorptive power are very weak. This leads to insufficient moisture in the skin around the eyes and easy evaporation of water. The first fine line of the face comes from the eye. If the maintenance is only on the surface, the eye damage will be difficult to change. Therefore, it is necessary to keep eyes well at the base level as early as possible. 

3.The thinnest
The thinnest 0.3MM eye skin is the thinnest part of the skin. Fragile eye skin should withstand the same environmental test as facial skin. Eye skin is more prone to fine lines and relaxation compared with other parts of the skin. So more intensive care is needed.

Do you have the following symptoms?
There are no sebaceous glands in the eye skin. It is the thinnest and most vulnerable part of the body. If you do not pay attention to maintenance and do not have good habits often face the computer to make eyes tired or influence blood circulation, it is very easy to form a dark circle, eye bag, and dry print. It makes you look slouch.

1 level alert --- dark circles
Common site: lower eyelid
Causes: eye fatigue, senility and excessive accumulation of venous metabolites caused by unregulated life cause eye pigmentation.

2 level alert --- eye bags
Common site: lower eyelid
Causes: people cannot guarantee adequate sleep, eye blood circulation is slow, abnormal metabolism will cause eye bags. 

3 level alert --- color spot
Common site: around the eyes
Causes: acne causes pigmentation. Mental stress, excessive fatigue, ultraviolet light, make use of bad cosmetics.

4 level alert --- inflammation
Common site: around the eyes 
Causes: mainly due to skin aging and encroach on the skin from the external environment.

The effect and function of lavender
Lavender contains two kinds of effective components, such as incense alcohol and chloroacetic acid ester acetate, which can produce a good overall stabilization and relaxation of the central nervous system and its mastered organs. It also has a positive effect on the secretion of serotonin (a neurotransmitter). Therefore, lavender has an outstanding effect on the soothe the nerves. In addition, lavender can promote cell regeneration, restore fibroblast memory, and effectively link the skin fibrous tissue, so it can be said that it can improve the skin surface caused by acne and other depressions. It also can dispel the scar mark.

Lavender steam eye mask adopts scientific matching of lavender essence, and add it to the eye mask. It can maximize the following four major functions.

A comprehensive solution to eye fatigue: use it 15 minutes a day can effectively promote blood circulation and relieve eye fatigue.

Tranquilizing the mind and sleeping: Choose high-grade soft material, and apply it gently. The release of lavender essence and fragrance can relieve brain nerves and make people feel relaxed and sleep well.

Moisturizing eyes: Lavender steam eye mask can be applied around the eyes so that the eyes will be moist. 

Desalination dark circles and eye bags: Regular use can effectively remove eye wrinkles, reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes.
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