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The Small Cheap Foot Warmers Are One Of The Important Products For Family, Which Can Solve Big Probl

The winter weather is getting cold, the cheap body warmers, small and convenience warm products, is very popular. The cheap body warmers of different brands on the market began to be popular, almost all the sellers placed them in the store’s prominent position together with the electric warming, hot-water bag and so on to attract the eyes of many buyers. The cheap body warm is generally divided into three types, which are warm hand, warm foot, and warm joint. And the price is roughly the same. The basic price is between 1 yuan and 2 yuan, and the price of the large package ranges from several yuan to ten yuan.

It is understood that cheap body heat patches are mainly a patch, the raw material is made of iron, stone, activated carbon, inorganic salt, water and other polymers, which can be exothermic under the action of oxygen in the air. It can continue to release heat if it directly affixed to clothing and socks. The general heat can reach 40 degrees Celsius and the duration is about 5 hours to 10 hours. Reporters learned from Watson's counter that this kind of cheap body warmers mostly has the effect of dispelling cold and warm you up. A lot of notes say: it can promote the microcirculation of the human body, and the symptoms of frostbite, bone injury, muscle injury and other symptoms have good swelling and pain relief functions. The types of warm hands are more suitable for office use. The average temperature is around 50℃. the types of the warm foot can put the cheap foot warmers directly on the socks. Many consumers have feedback that they also have the function of Deodorizing Bacteria, which is warm and safe. The types of the warm joint have a strong function that can relieve the pain of cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, lumbago and leg pain, rheumatism, and so on. It also played the role of activating blood and removing silt. Most of the children bought for the elderly. Guilin Road Yilin Town, a jewelry store owner told reporters that after the new year's day, cheap body warmers are particularly popular because of the sudden drop in temperature. Many young girls are purchased with 100stickers and 200 stickers. They are hidden in clothes and do not need to worry about bloated or fear of cold in winter.

From the beginning of winter, people who are afraid of cold basically stick 1 pairs of cheap foot warmers each day, and 1 sheets of cheap body warmers. After being so armed, the whole body is warm. You will don't feel cold even when you wear less. There are many young girls to buy cheap body warmers is to relieve the physiological period of the stomach ache. A lot of girls sat that it really will relieve much pain in the stomach. Now, they can't get away from the cheap body warmers when they get to the physiological period. You need to prepare some in the office or at home.
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