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Researchs About Using Heat Therapy to Improve Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a very common problem for office-workers. Especially for those who need to use the computer for a long time.

How to find an easy and effective way to relieve dry eyes is an important issue for optical and medical researchers. However, in two recent researches, there are some findings.

In the research “Longitudinal Changes in Tear Evaporation Rates After Eyelid Warming Therapies in Meibomian Gland Dysfunction”, conducted by Singaporean researchers, concludes that “lid warming treatment is an effective way to reduce Tear Evaporation”. In another collaborative research “Longitudinal changes in tear fluid lipidome brought about by eyelid-warming treatment in a cohort of Meibomian gland dysfunction”, conducted by Chinese and Singaporean scholars, reached a similar conclusion.

Warmyou's Warm Steam Eye Mask uses the exactly same principle to relax your tired eyes and improve your dry eyes.

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