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Hot-Release Patch ( Joint Pain Relief Patch, Waist-Shoulder Pain Relief Patch And Rheumatism Patch)

Shanghai shenbao adds elements of traditional Chinese medicine treatment on the basis of Japanese thermal slow-release technology, which makes our product--heat aid patches--has unique curative effect. For example, hot compress the abdomen type (period), the product is based an the theory of TCM clinical "near-far match point". Through the hot compress to the proximal point "Shenque point" and the remote "Sanyinjiao point at the same time to improve women's menstrual pain, abortion and postoperative pain. And hot compress waist shoulder type, its length is designed according to the Chinese people to carry on the design of the average of the distance between the two kidneys, so that products can cover almost all the Chinese people of the two kidneys, and the length can cover all the acupuncture treatment of periarthritis of shoulder, widely applicable to periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, or cold etc caused by the waist, shoulder pain (modern popular office computer disease, air-condition disease, etc.).

TCM believes that a variety of diseases impede the work of Chi and blood of organs and meridians, cause stasis, produce inverse chaos, or lifting disorders such as blood run obstacle, pathological changes, pain symptoms, that is, the general principles of the "no pain" pathogenesis. By stimulating and warming the acupoints, it can clear the meridians and collaterals and activate the qi and blood circulation, improve the Chi and blood running state of the lesion site, and improve the nutritional status of the disease site. Restore its normal physiological activities, that is, the channels and collaterals unobstructed, the viscera in a relative Yin-Yang balance.

Wind, cold, dampness and dampness are combined to be arthralgia, acting on the meridians and collaterals, causing paralysis of meridians and impairing the channels, causing pain when the meridians are paralyzed. After applying heat to the acupoints to stimulate the corresponding acupoints, the heat and coordination of the heat and the pharmacological power of the heat are used to stimulate the meridians and activate the collaterals. The principle of "the main treatment" can relieve the swelling soft tissue around the meridian and thus achieve the function of non-pain.

Hot compress at acupoint is equivalent to warm moxibustion, warm meridian dispersing cold, carrying out Chi and dredging collaterals, helping Yang to take off, lifting and trapping of rising Yang, poisoning pool heat, disease prevention and health care.

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, when the meridians are blocked and obstructed, and many kinds of diseases are caused, that is, when meridians and collaterals are blocked, Chi and blood flow smoothly, and even Chi stagnation and blood stasis. Thus causing swelling and pain in the limbs or viscera.

Pulse and blood knot in the middle, there is blood, blood cold, it is appropriate to moxibustion, blood cold makes insufficient in the meridian Yang Chi, or cold has a blood component, resulting in blood clotting, blood cold leads to blocking the cell pulse block, cause amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, blood cold.
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